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EXACTLY How She Got 359 new leads in 6 Days…

January 31, 2015

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Got this email from MMIC member Soraya that I
almost forgot about
Yer I’m kinda dumb sometimes
(I’ve blanked out what her ‘niche’ is in case
anyone gets the stupid idea of stealing it)
“I have launched a 40 day FREE ‘blank’
programme to nourish yr mind, body and soul
experience and it has gone viral. In 6 days I
have 359 emails from ‘blanks’ globally. I
don’t want to lose them after the programme
so want to know how I should market to them
Would appreciate some of your brain power”
Okay so lets get this straight now..
359 email addresses from people who are
interested in Soraya’s online program.
359 people who have given her PERMISSION to
market to them..
AWAY from Facebook where there’s new ‘stuff’
flashing in front of their eyes every few
359 people who she now can build know, like
and trust with so that they might invest in
her product.
Wanna know how she did it?
Its super simple.
so listen up dood.
1- (this is SUPER important and the one thing
that fitpros are INCREDIBLY lazy with)
She DUG DEEP and DIALLED in on her perfect
Right down to what they struggled with, what
they’ve tried before, what keeps them awake
at night.
(I show you how to do this HERE)
2- She created a ‘bribe’ (the report) that
SOLVES one of their biggest frustrations
right now in exchange for their email address
3- She built a really cool squeeze page using
4- she drove traffic to it and took people
AWAY from Flakebook (like I’ve been telling
you to for weeks)
Potentially VERY VERY Profitable.
Oh and for a business model that she can run
With just a laptop.
Seriously, why aren’t you doing this?
I’ve just told you how.
So go do it.
Thats all for today.
No more excuses.
Oh you want some help?
No sweat- I teach this in the members area of
my inner circle:
Here’s the link:
Paul ‘numbers never lie’ Mort
PS- Of course, Soraya still has to convert
those leads into paying clients…
But guess what, big balls?
I teach THAT in MMIC too….
(November back issue)
Available to members only:


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