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Everyone wants this “C word”

November 21, 2016

Everyone wants it


That thing that is supposedly the ‘missing link’ to achieving your goals

The only thing thats stopping you from getting what you want..

and it may well be, chicharito

The prollem?

Hardly anyone gets it

They search for it, over and over again

Webinar after webinar

book after book

Coach after coach

It’s not surprising given that most of what’s taught about it is ‘fluff’ and ‘theory’

Usually by mush cookies, who don’t have clarity themselves
(You’ll understand why in a second)

What is clarity?


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Well its pretty simple, droogie

it’s just KNOWING

Described as ‘the quality of being clear’

Wanna know how to get it?

Like, the real way to get clear


May sound a little harsh

or just me being an asshole but it’s true

How come?

Well, when you lie both to yourself

and to other people


Your mind is cluttered as hell with what the truth is

and what the lie is…

So you operate in a HAZE of NOISE

DROWNING In your own thoughts and stories

It’s like driving with the handbrake on

AND with a blind fold

Lemme splaineth how simple this is:

STOP lying about your current reality
STOP lying about how you ended up here
STOP lying about what you want
STOP lying about why you want it
STOP lying about what you’re willing to do to get it

To both YOURSELF and others

THEN and only then can you get REAL CLARITY

(see why those mush-cookies can’t get it now?)


being clear on all of that shit above?

Having an outcome that was CRYSTAL clear to you

KNOWING what has to be done to pull it off

and NOT BELIEVING your own bullshit?

you’d have a dude ON FIRE


Let me show you how to CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE WORLD:


Paul ‘no BS’ Mort

PS- Expect a bunch more FIERY emails like this

AND me calling you out on your stories and crap

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