Episode #18 [the man that saved my life] - The Paul Mort Podcast

Episode #18 [the man that saved my life]

May 22, 2016

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short one from me today, amigo

Just back from a kids party

Me, bouncy castles and 30 kids aren’t a real good mix

anyhoo, Episode #18 of my online show “UBTV” is now over on the olde Flakebook

It’s an emotional one, about the man that saved my life

You can check it out here:


MIGHT even be some tears

Paul ‘Headache’ Mort

PS- If you’ve ever wondered about having me as your PERSONAL coach

(something i haven’t opened up ‘publicly’ in YEARS)

Then you’ll want to keep your eyes open this week…

I’m about ready to step into the game again

but it’s only for the players who are SERIOUS about becoming UNSTOPPABLE

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