End Of The Tax Year

March 29, 2017

Next week marks the end of the 2016/2017 tax year

And it’s often a time when business owners are forced to confront their reality

After all, the numbers DON’T lie

How has this past year been for YOU, mon ami?

Has your business grown?

Are you more profitable?

Do you have more free time?


Is your business ‘stagnant’?

Are you LESS profitable?

Do you have LESS free time?



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I’m happy to report that BOTH of my businesses are doing VERY well

And I have MORE free time than EVER before

But that’s ONLY because I have systems in place that allow me to do so

Fortunately, the systems that I use can be used by ANYONE…

In almost ANY business

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Paul ‘All Systems Grow’ Mort

PS – If business ISN’T great right now…

And this email has somehow ‘triggered’ you?


Hiding from your problems ISN’T the answer

Things WON’T get better until you do something about it

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