Embrace The Struggle

May 20, 2017

I’ve been in the self-employed ‘game’ for a long time

In fact, I’ve been self employed for MOST of my adult life

Perhaps you’re the same?

If so, you’ll have no doubt seen LOTS of other businesses come and go

Competitors popping up, seemingly out of ‘nowhere’…

And then disappearing without trace, just as quickly

The difference between them and us, amigo?

We embrace the struggle

Whereas they give up at the first sign of it

(Maybe not ALL of them, but the majority)



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I’m a BIG believer in making life easy for myself

It’s NOT about being lazy

It’s about being EFFICIENT

So whilst I’m FULLY prepared to ’embrace the struggle’ when I need to?

It’s pretty rare that I actually HAVE to

(I’ve got LOTS of systems in place for everything, these days)

It wasn’t always this way though, mon ami…

Back in the day, I used to struggle like f*ck with LOTS of things in my business

The effects of which were almost CATASTROPHIC

And these ‘effects’ weren’t JUST in my business

They were felt in ALL areas of my life

My relationship with my wife

My relationship with my kids

My relationship with MYSELF

Thankfully, I was able to invest in mentors and coaches who had gone through the same experiences…

And with their help?

I was able to overcome my business struggles

So much so, that I was able to grow in ALL areas of my life

(Both professional AND personal)

My point?

By all means embrace the struggle

It’s what often separates the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’

But DON’T suffer

And for f*ck sake, don’t suffer ALONE

Because if there’s someone out there that can help you?

The best thing you can do…

Is ask them for help

Paul ‘Just Ask’ Mort

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And you want ME to help you?

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