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Email from Tommy…

January 25, 2015

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Don’t often talk about the “personal
critiques” you receive from me when you join
MMIC…(accepting new members today)
But last week I got an email from my buddy
Tommy Baker from over in the states:
“Dude I am getting minimal traction on my
Am I being to passive? Not interesting? Not
striking a chord”
Now what i LOVED about this what that Tommy
was ALREADY starting to figure out what was
wrong, instead of wanting me to blow sunshine
up his hairless butt-hole.
The problem with the email…
and the problem with MOST emails and content
that PT’s and nutritionists put put?
They’re just “TIPS”
Consider this for a second, my feathered
MORE TIPS are the LAST thing that the people
you’re writing for need.
More INFORMATION isn’t the problem.
Write this bit down…
“There isn’t a tip thats been written, that
your prospects HAVENT read or heard”
You shouldn’t be shocked by that…
The reason my emails are so profitable
and the reason some guys in MMIC are getting
applications EVERY email?
They tell stories
their emails are INTERESTING..
their emails are ENTERTAINING…
They aren’t always about FITNESS and
They’re not just a bunch of tips that the
reader is GUARANTEED to have read before….
I’ll let Tommy close this out with his SAVAGE
reply to my advice:
(Get that pen out again, droogie)
“Makes sense, I forget my prospects DON’T
Let that sink in…
then go write an email
Oh, you want more help and guidance on this?
Join me in here, where I’ll PERSONALLY
help you with ALL of your marketing…
Paul ‘Nice tips” Mort
PS- Almost time, chico…
Podcast is almost here
head on over to itunes, search for “Paul Mort
and subscribe to make sure you get the FIRST
one as soon as its uploaded
(probably before i even send an email about it)
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