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Email from a Sceptical PT

January 15, 2018

Sceptical PT Anthony D uses MMIC to earn more money and have more time off

Looky here:

“Most online marketers promising six figures can’t even deliver an eighth of the results they boast.

I’m a sceptical man by nature and it took me a while to join MMIC.

And what I found in there was simply not what I expected.

There was no fluff.

I was told to do the things I had avoided for so long and both my businesses grew as a result.

I used to look at the wrong numbers and waste a lot of time on pointless things that has never done anything for my business.

Thanks to Paul Mort, I learned to focus on what mattered and boost my productivity through the roof.

I got true wealth: money, and more time to use it.

But the biggest takeaway from joining MMIC is that I finally got to get clear on what I wanted.

I realised that despite the passion I had used to create my business, the model wasn’t working and I had come to hate it.

I should have joined sooner and made that painful realisation long before.

Now I’m chasing a completely different business and actually enjoying the marketing process because Paul Mort made marketing fun for me.”

I ain’t got much more to say, chachi

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