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Email from Jack

March 25, 2016

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Got an email the other day from Email Mastery investor Jack Gration

and I gotta say, Jose….

Even I was a little bit surprised by this:

“I signed up for your email course and I’m very impressed!

I’m only partway through the course but I wanted to try out some of my ideas on an email list I had that I hadn’t touched in about two years.

It only had 35 email addresses on it and I just started emailing them out of the blue. I’ve been doing it for five days and I’ve already sold two places on pre-order for £100 each for a video course I haven’t even started writing yet and I’ve been called “an annoying fuck!”

Not bad for less than a week’s work!

I don’t even work in the fitness industry but I will definitely recommend this course to anyone you uses email marketing.”

Why the surprise?

Well, I ain’t surprised Jack is impressed<<-- the course is bad-ass But saying as you asked 2 things that make his results even better 1- The size of Jacks list ..that really isn’t many people at all to email

2– The fact he hadn’t emailed them for 2 years… most people will forget you if you don’t email for a week (another reason daily emails are the dogs danglers)

So Jack sold pre-sold 2 places (for something he HASN’T CREATED YET)

from a list of just 35 people… that he hadn’t email in 2 years

in just FIVE days

The best part?

Imagine when Jack grows his list? (I teach that in Email Mastery too)

Imagine when Jack implements everything from the 7 Powerful ‘follow-along’ modules?

Imagine when Jack’s been emailing for a few weeks and months consistently?

Man- his results will be spectacular…

Join Jack here:

Paul ‘head swell’ Mort

PS- Almost forgot– Jack ISNT IN the fitness industry yes STILL made it work for him despite the content being built for PT’s that want to

stand out..
get more leads…
make more sales

and ultimately—> GET PAID WHAT THEY’RE WORTH from people that value them

go here:

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