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“Email doesn’t work for high-end” ppfffft

April 21, 2016

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Had another message that kinda pissed me off

Although I admire how forward this lady is
(ain’t no-one got time for small talk)

Actually, got talking to her and she ‘s lovely.
(wussup Kim?)

“Paul, not being funny but I’ve been doing
this a long time.. and you’ll never sell
anything ‘expensive’ using email”

Now, I have no idea what this ladies definition of
‘expensive’ is…

But, we later found out she doesn’t send emails very often..

and doesn’t send emails the ‘RIGHT’ (see: ‘my’) way.

So lemme clear this up with some actual facts for ya, brazzle.

Last year I launched a mentoring program using JUST email.

In fact, I emailed 12 people and signed up 8
people at 3K a pop

No strategy calls or any of that stuff..

In fact, I did my best to PUT PEOPLE off

sent 2 emails about it

made 24k UP FRONT.

Decent enough right, amigo?

My last live event sold out to 50 people at £400 a pop
6 WEEKS before it was dude to happen

(Most events are still selling tickets on the day of the event)

It ain’t just me though dood,

My long time lover and student of email “J”(asked me not to mention his name) is another example 

In fact, he emailed me this week

“To give you a little update on how strong email has been for me recently, using just our email list, and not a single phone call in the last 3 weeks we’ve managed to add €6,000 per month to the biz.

But heres da ting…

You gotta do it ‘properly’

You gotta have a SYSTEM.

You gotta ‘info-tain’

You gotta email DAILY.

NOT just scream ‘buy my shit’ in every email.

Lets cut to the chase

1- Email DOES work to sell pretty much anything
2- Email DOESN’T work if you don’t send email
3- Email DOES work if you do it ‘properly’
4- Email DOESN’T work if you send shitty, boring emails.

Email DOES work if you do it RIGHT

Let Uncle Morty show you his wicked ways:


Paul ‘how ya like them apples’ Mort

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