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Dumb-Nut Personal Trainer attacks me

October 14, 2017

I have a LOT of love for PT’s

after all, your Uncle Mort-dogg was one for a good 12 years

and of course, I’ve helped hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of PT’s over the years to make more money, help more people and have more time off

But sometimes (and I’m sure this happens in most professions) PT’s say some really stoopid shiz

Like this dumb-nut response I got to an email I sent last week:

“F*ck you

My success isn’t measured by how many 0’s are in my bank account but by how many people I help”

read that again, mon ami ^^^^^

There’s only one type of business owner that says that kinda thing

and it isn’t a successful one…


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See, in the game of fitness in particular

There’s a DIRECT CORRELATION between how many people you help and how much money you earn

Slow down and consider that for a second…

It’s pretty obvious, even to my small mind

The more people you help- the more money you earn…

Simple right?

Well to the snowflake that sent me that message, clearly not

But I TOTALLY get why he’s saying what he is…

Because when you’re struggling

and someone says or writes something that triggers you…

it EASY to ATTACK that person because they make you feel bad

Thing is, that changes NOTHING…

it may make you feel better for a while but things WILL stay the same

cuz if you wan’t things to CHANGE—> then YOU have to change first

and if you want to help more people.. you gotta get better at marketing

and as a bi-product of helping more people?


simple science of bidniz success

Ready to cut the bullsh*t?


Paul ‘straight talking’ Mort

PS- Listen, theres 2 ways for you to respond to this email

1- Get all butt hurt and blame me or who-ever for where you are right now

2- Get BRUTALLY honest with yourself and step up and TAKE ACTION

Which one is it?

If its #2–> click this link:


if its #1–> follow the arrows





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