Dude… WTF?

November 23, 2017

Ever read something that made your eyes bleed a little?

and no……

I don’t mean my emails hahah

Anyhoo, got a snotty comment a little while back from a sensitive little snowflake called Alan…

Didn’t take to kindly to my ‘unprofessional’ email about the ‘bag of d*cks’

bless him

I hope his mummy know he was using her laptop

Otherwise he’ll get grounded

Anyhoo, me being the asshole I am I clicked the link he had on the ‘signature’ part of his email…

‘Twas a link to his website

And my eyes melted before me

There are still remnants of said eyeballs on my keyboard

You ready?

You might want to have an Espresso before you read this… or a double, actually

“We can leave behind the analytical pragmatism and proven science and apply that to other facets of the business.

Quite simply we are evangelical in our dedication and enthusiasm to constantly improve our offering, and remain at the forefront of the forward thinking, real world application of all aspect of physical conditioning”

Still here, amigo?

I mean.. thats a WTF moment if ever there was a WTF m0omet right?

Analytical pragmatism?

Is that a disease?

So herein lies the prollem…

Mrs Jones…

Hasnt exercised for 3 years (‘cept Vibroplate, which doesnt count- ha!)

Hardly has s*x any more



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Terrified of starting again

Looking for a PT and has money to spend on this

Lands on “Analytical Alans” page

and reads THAT sh*t?

It’s no WONDER people are going to Weight Watchers and Slimming World when we have PT’s spouting sh*t like that

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You want to make more money as a result?


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Paul ‘Pragmatist? WTF?’ Mort

PS – Don’t forget, it’s ‘Black Friday’ tomorrow…

So keep an eye on your inbox

I’m going to make you a VERY special offer

Stand by

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