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Do You See What I See?

December 28, 2017

Earlier this year, the UK fitness industry was estimated to be worth £4.7 BILLION

Or £4,700,000,000 if you’re a fan of zeros

Which I’m sure you’ll agree, is no small figure

However, even though the industry continues to grow year on year…

So does the average person

In fact, the population is now FATTER than it ever has been

So what gives?

Well, in my honest (and always correct) opinion…

It comes down to marketing

You see, most personal trainers are LIARS

Instead of being honest with people and talking about their struggles…

(Past and present)

They try to create the illusion that they’re PERFECT


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Perfect bodies

Perfect lives

Every day is awesome



That’s all very well and good when it comes to impressing OTHER personal trainers

(Who are also LIARS)

But when it comes to attracting clients from the ‘real’ world?

It puts them off

Because all they see is someone that they CAN’T relate to

And who won’t be able to relate to THEM

After all, how is the ‘perfect’ personal trainer supposed to relate to the busy mum with FOUR kids…

Who has NO time for herself

Was NEVER good at sport in school

And who HATES exercise?

(Or at least all of the CARDIO that she’s done before)

Do you think she wants to unleash #beastmode?

Of course she f*cking doesn’t

She just wants to get through the day without feeling like a fat mess

Which is something that most personal trainers would NEVER admit to

And therein lies the problem

Until ‘we’ as an industry become more HONEST?

We’re going to continue to ALIENATE the very same people who are desperate for our help

Because in most cases?

It’s NOT the cost that puts people off

It’s the message

Paul ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Mort

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