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Do you like it rough?

January 30, 2017

Behold ye some completely unsolicited “advice” from a reader:

“I must say your overall email style is quite rough (not criticizing, just my view), but you’re still managing to nail all important things down”

So let me ask you this…

How would YOU respond to this kinda bullshiz?

Man, I remember when it used to mess with me..

I’d get all angry and waste a LOT of energy on it, maybe take it to heart or go on the attack 

For some people? They’ll start to doubt themselves, maybe question wetherthey should keep putting out content

But let me tell you something, mon ami

and why you don’t need to respond to any kinda criticism

PARTICULARLY of the unsolicited kind

(I mean, who gives advice to someone that hasn’t asked for it?)

RESULTS take a massive shit on opinions.

But ONLY 100% of the time. <<– see what i did there?


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and my own results? Well, I just have to look at hitting my first £1 million in my inner circle last year to see 

On top of that… you’ll want to have a VERY small list of people who’s advice you take…

the only people who’s opinion that I give a shit about…

In business:

-The people who I pay to give me their opinion
-People who have better results than me and whos opinion I’ve ASKED for
-the people that pay me

In anything else:

My wife.
My kids.

That, my friend is that.

Why don’t I ask my wife for business advice or opinion?

She’s never ran a business

But she may, or may NOT like my ‘rough’ style

I’ll leave you with that image^^

Anyhoo, if you’re yet to build the business that funds your lifestyle

and let opinions and criticism STOP you from getting that results you desire

Then I can make you BULLETPROOF to this, so you can finally start makingthe money you want, doing what you want, when you want with who you want to do it with

Go here to discover how:

Paul ‘rough house’ Mort

PS- I ain’t kidding bro

if you don’t build and develop your mindset

I can GUARANTEE that….

you’ll NEVER, EVER create the kind of results that make everyone around you sit up and take notice

Just sayin—->

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