“Did I see you in the pub last night?” - The Paul Mort Podcast

“Did I see you in the pub last night?”

September 20, 2015

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That was the subject line in an email from my
buddy and pretty famous comedian Chris Ramsey
last week

“Did I see you in the pub last night? “

Pretty standard for a personal email

the thing is it WASN’T personal email

It was an email to HIS LIST

Now, this guy it KILLING it right now on the
comedy scene

he’s a regular on “Celebrity Juice”

He’s been on “Live at the Apollo”

and for the last few years he’s toured the UK
and made an absolute KILLING

Oh and Chris is also the only person to have
been KICKED off and BANNED from the much

“Soccer AM”

So yer, the guy’s pretty damned successful

In fact, getting a seat for ANY of his shows
is almost impossible

those rascals sell out in minutes up here in
the cold North of England.

The cool thing here, hermano?

Chris is ALREADY successful

is already on TV

and is making BIG ASS bacon

(has his own DVD coming out in time for xmas


he STILL understands the importance of an
EMAIL list AWAY from the noise of social

(although he’s a total beast on ‘the

See, in the email inbox there’s waaay less

Most people are too lazy too email–> good
thing for you

He can create a more personal conversation

I mean, that subject line is pure genius,

All of this, ultimately leads to more SALES

Which, as you know… amigo

is what your bizniz LIVES and DIES on

Ready to change shit up?

go ye here:


Paul ‘can i call myself a celebrity trainer?’ Mort

PS- Check out this RAW email I got from my
man Bill Wockenfuss over in the US:

You’ve done so much for me in the past 4 or 5


* Stopped me from quitting the fitness industry
that I love.

* Prevented my girlfriend from leaving me
because I used to work 16 hour days

* Helped me make 3x per hour from what I used
to charge

* Brought me back from the breaking point

* Stopped me HATING the life I used to have
before all of this…”

Wanna stop fucking around now, dude?

Here ya go:


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