“Dear Fat People” (uh-oh) - The Paul Mort Podcast

“Dear Fat People” (uh-oh)

September 30, 2015

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Man, you may or not have seen THAT
video the other week

From the comedian Nicole Arbour entitled yup, you guessed it

“Dear Fat People” (in the PS- MAKE SURE you read the comments)

I actually didn’t find the video that funny to be honest

but what I did find FASCINATING was what happened AFTER the video was posted

and how emotional people got about it 


talk about ‘creating a stir’

The video has had like 27 million views in 3 weeks

She’s been on national TV, all over the radio

etc etc

MAINLY people hating on her but shit, it certainly
created the ‘buzz’ for her that it was clearly designed for

(The SUPER IRONIC part.. the people SLAMMING her for ‘judging them’<-- erm hypocritical, much?)

Is ‘fat shaming’ okay?

Well, I’m not sure its a thing..

Is ‘skinny leg shaming’ a thing?

is ‘success shaming’ a thing?

is ‘smoker shaming’ a thing?

or ‘blonde shaming’?

Man, I could go on and on.. 

but just consider the above before you choose to get
all butt hurt too…

Gosh- I fear for the human race some times


and yer, it may hurt some peoples feelings
who then proceeded to presume that EVERY overweight person would be upset by it too..

You know, just cuz they chose to be pissed?

But hey- I wasn’t offended..

Bearing in mind that right now, I’m kinda fat
(this knee injury i have, honest)

AND have struggled with my weight my whole life
(even when I was a trainer)

oh and don’t forget I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of
people who struggled with their weight

So yer, I have a legit opinion on this

It actually gave me a KICK IN THE ASS

See, there two ways to react to someone ‘bullying’ you

1- Get all butt hurt about it and choose to ‘be offended’

2- Decide to do something about that shit and prove said person wrong- RAMMING YOUR RESULTS IN THEIR FACE

I digress…

The REAL fascinating part was this

Whilst the more ‘sensitive’ people were REALLY hammering her

Like making ‘my response’ Videos

(Like Arbour gives a fuck)

I’d estimate that AT LEAST 50% of the people FUCKING LOVED that video

EVEN some of the ‘overweight’ (cuz ‘fat’ is so offensive)people

Just check out the comments HERE

There’s a clear DIVIDE of opinions

The lesson?

MOST PT’s sit on the fence

Sugar coating shit

Being vanilla as hell

Blending in with the other ‘fitpso’ spouters

THEN WONDERING why they keep attracting price buyers

How about this?


If that upsets some people- So what?

If people don’t like you for WHO YOU ARE

Then why would you want to work with them?

The alternative?

Continue to ‘fake it’.. to ‘pretend’ to be something you’re not

and wear a mask of bullshit

take it from me, my brother

that shit is EXHAUSTING

ready to step up and show the world who you are?

AND get HANDSOMELY rewarded for it?

Go ye here, squire:


Paul “Yes, I said FAT” Mort

PS- Here’s the video

PLEASE, be sure to read the comments to see the TRUTH—>


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