The Dark Side Of Facebook Ads

March 14, 2017

If you’ve ever heard me talk about ‘Facebook ads’ before?

You’ll know that I’m a BIG fan

Because in my honest (and always correct) opinion?

It’s the BEST way to get highly targeted leads

Unfortunately, like most things in life…

There’s a DARK side to Facebook ads

(Something that most Facebook ‘gooroos’ like to ‘gloss’ over)

And that my friend…



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See, Facebook has a LOT of users

In fact, pretty much EVERYONE you know has a Facebook account

But when you have that many people in ONE place?

You also get a few f*cktards who come along for the ride

And if there’s ONE thing that f*cktards love?

It’s making ‘passive-aggressive’ comments on other people’s Facebook ads

If you’re NEW to the Facebook ad ‘game’?

It can affect your confidence…

And DERAIL your momentum

(I’ve actually seen people STOP using Facebook ads, because of this)

Thankfully, the solution to this problem is actually quite simple

And it’s something that my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ members are discussing right NOW…

Inside our private, online community

I would invite YOU to get involved

But, MMIC is closed

The good news?

That all changes on Friday

Because for the first time this year?

I’ll be accepting NEW members

If that sounds like something you might be interested in?

Keep an eye on your inbox

I’ll be in touch soon

Paul ‘Darth’ Mort

PS – If you have absolutely NO interest in using Facebook ads or spending money to get new clients?

That’s cool, amigo

But if you’re NOT willing to invest some money into growing your business?

I’m NOT the ‘gooroo’ you’re looking for

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