Curious Case of the “Professional Zombie”

October 11, 2017

While back, Uncle Morty heard something on the radio that blew his mind

Was about a French office worker who was SUING his former boss…

Not because of getting his bootay hit on or anything like that

Not even for being mis-treat… or unfair sacking


(brace yourself)

Because he was BORED

no shizz, dude.. this is a true story

Yup, despite being pretty well paid at €80k a year

He said the job turned him into a ‘professional zombie’

Maybe I should have some sympathy for the guy…

But I don’t


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None at all, I mean.. he could have done something about it at anytime

Now he’s just p*ssing and moaning and has such a sense of entitlement that he’s blaming everyone else

instead of taking responsibility

Sounds to me like a lot of PT’s and fitness biz owners

Hating their bizniz’s

not making enough money

Spending a ton of time away from their families

Yet doing ZIP about it

Sh*t I remember those 5am get ups and 9pm ‘get homes’

Drained the life out of me after a while…


It ALL changed when I figured out selling and marketing

it allowed me to CHOOSE how much I charge, CHOOSE when I work and CHOOSE who I work with

and it all started when I refused to tolerate my own sh*t anymore

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Paul ‘Zombie Hunter’ Mort

PS- Here’s a link to the story of this French dude:

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