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CRITICAL Lessons from my 36th Birthday

September 28, 2016

So yer, yesterday was my birthday

36 years old

I’m sure I’m supposed to tell some kind of joke here about how you’re only as old as the chick you feel or something like that

alas, I’m not going to (maybe i just did?)

Because todays message is a serious one

and it may even sound cliched


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But this birthday was a little reminder for me

That time wait’s for NO-ONE

and that “some day” isn’t coming

see, I used to believe that I had to do things I hated

like REALLY hated so that ‘some day’ I could do what I really wanted to do

that eventually, when the time was right.. I’d to things that I loved to do

When I had more money, when I had more time off, when my kids were a little older

Thing is, ‘that day’ will probably NEVER come

Well it may well do, but let me tell you this

You CANNOT create a life you love by constantly doing shit you hate

No question about it

So my take home message for you?

(and a GIANT part of the daily rituals we teach and LIVE in “Un-Caged”)

Don’t wait a MINUTE longer to do ‘that thing’ that you’re waiting to do

Spend just 1 hour TODAY doing the thing you’ve been putting off until your finances are sorted,
or when your business is a little more settled

Because ‘one day’ is a FANTASY

Do what you love to do, what you deeply feel you need to for 1 hour in spite of the daily
duties that consume and seem to constrain you…

Take that hour TODAY..

and you’ll soon find yourself becoming more powerful, more energetic and dare i say it


just like the guys who graduate from my life altering experience know as “Un-Caged”

You can apply here:


Paul ‘birthday boy’ Mort

PS- The “Unstoppable Bastards MOVIE” will be with you NEXT WEEK

Try to control your excitement, chico

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