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Could Be Worse…

December 29, 2017

Is life a struggle sometimes?

Do you feel fed up?


Stuck in a rut?

Well, if so…

It’s time for a reality check, amigo

Because someone, somewhere, in your town has it MUCH worse than you do

And if you want PROOF of this?

All you need to do, is grab a copy of your local ‘rag’…

Because EVERY week, without fail, you’ll see real life ‘case studies’ of local f*cktards ruining their lives

Take this gem of a headline for example:

Boyfriend Jailed For Throwing Corned Beef Tin At Partner’s Head Because He Couldn’t Open It

It was the story of a 61 year old man from Newcastle who…


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(After spending most of the day drinking)

Struggled to open up a tin of corned beef

And as a result?

He did what any decent human being would’ve done in this ‘stressful’ situation

He launched it straight into the back of his girlfriends skull, as she watched TV in the other room

(The f*cking idiot)

Now, I’m not making light of your day to day struggles, chachi

We all have them

But the good news is…

You’re taking responsibility for your life

You look after your body

You look after your business

And you look after your family

(Unlike a LOT of people in your hometown)

So next time you’re having a bit of a sh*tty day?

And you’re tempted to throw yourself a little ‘pity party’?

Grab a pen

Grab some paper

And make a note of your biggest ‘win’ for that day

Whether it’s something big

(Like selling a new client into a twelve month package)

Or something small

(Like resisting the urge to throw a tin of corned beef at someone)

Make a note of it

And you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel

Paul ‘Meaty’ Mort

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And you’re ready to make a few changes?

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