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Confession: I’m a BAD dad

January 25, 2017

So last weeked, Mrs Mort had me watch “Bad Moms” in casa Mort

She saw it at the cinema and said I ‘must’ watch it

So, to make my life a little easier..

I reluctantly agreed

and.. yup, you guess it

I liked it.

Not only is Mila Kunis super hot

but it was actually pretty fudging funny

Its about a mom (‘mum’ here in England) who’s struggling to juggle a job, 2 kids, a dickhead husband
and her duties at the PTA


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it all kinda gets to much and she tells the head of the PTA (who’s a pain the butt) to basically
“Do one”

and after the head of the PTA messes with her

she decides to ‘run for PTA president’ with her slogan being a kinda of

“Less Bullshit to do” thing

But you know how she won?

While the PTA prez was always pretending to having her shit together and talking about how ‘amazing’ her life was

Mila Kunis’ character admitted to being a “BAD MOM”

She talked about her flaws..

and how it WAS hard work.. and that sometimes she messed up..

queue the funniest bit from the whole movie

where all the other moms stand up and admit their shit

“I confiscated my sons weed and got high as f*ck”

and while i can’t admit to that..

(my son is 6 and I don’t do drugs anymore)

I do know this

Life is NOT easy.. and most people DON’T have their shit together

it CAN be a struggle.. it can seem like CHAOS

the way to get a handle on it though?


Listen, I HAVE ALL of the tools..

I’ve been there, done it, fucked up.. fucked up again and go the t-shirt

and yup, sometimes I’m a shit dad

But I can tell you ONE THING..

if you want to level up your business.. and you bank balance WITHOUT losing your shit

and if you’re sick of WORKING YOUR ASS off and getting nowhere

then you MUST uplevel your mindset

other wise? you’re gonna keep spinning those wheels till you burn out

here’s how to get a handle :

Paul ‘bad dad’ Mort

PS- If this is too close to the bone for you

OR if you DO have your shit together

you’re either a liar

or just a crappy fit to come learn how to become bulletproof

So you may as well opt out..

but DONT use this link—>

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