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Colonel stars and stripes was spot on

March 30, 2016

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So before I came out here to Laguna Beach, California

for this event

I actually had a few days off to rest up for the long ass trip

Anyhoo, I got around to watching “Kick-Ass 2”

REAL goofy movie, but man.. I really enjoyed it

Why did I like it so much?

Well.. it had no problem poking fun out of ITSELF

Like, taking the piss out of itself (for my english readers)

and THAT is a great quality, amigo

See, one of the biggest mistakes I made when I was a PT, was taking MYSELF to seriously

Like waaaay to seriously..

I was always the serious trainer, the motivated guy

“Hustling and Grinding”

“Dedicated to #teamnosleep”

Which I ain’t knockin, hombre..

that kinda thing is pretty cool too

But having FUN with stuff, adding a bit of humour to your marketing

Shit, not only do you start to LOVE marketing a more (cuz lets face it, if you don’t have fun writing emails..
you ain’t gonna write them, are ya?)

You LOOK FORWARD to putting together squeeze pages

You get excited about writing your emails

You attract REALLY fun people, who you can have an absolute BLAST working with

Man, in the new MMIC Accountability and support forum, the banter is FUNNY as hell. You’d love it

And in this movie we started with, Kick-Ass 2-Jim Carrey’s character, “Col. Stars & stripes” (told you it was goofy)

Says, right before the ‘team’ take down a child prostitution ring

“Try to have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?”

^^ ain’t THAT the truth, that will ALL need to be reminded of from time to tim

The best part of learning to write emails the ‘Mort way’?

its a BLAST…

like real fun…

and if you have fun writing em, people also have fun reading them

and when that happens (alongside some other VITAL components)

It makes them WANT to do izniz with you and sign up for your programs..

Discover my step-by-step, paint-by-numbers guide to profitable email marketing here:

Paul “Funghi- get it?” Mort

PS- I DIDN’T end up fighting yesterday here in Cali…

Will fill you in later

Let’s just say I’m disappointed in myself 

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