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Cocaine, Bacon and Giant Breasticles

February 25, 2014

Cocaine, bacon and giant breascticles

If you haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street,
you’re missing a doozy of a movie..

Jam packed with…

yup, you guessed it, hombre..

Narcotics, money and boobs.

But it’s also jam packed with biz’niz

Too many to mention in one email, actually

I actually want talk to you about a ballpoint

Specifically how the guy the movie is about,
Jordan Belfort uses it to teach ‘sales’

Because like You’re about to find out most
PT’s do EXACTLY what he say’s here in this
little extract:

[—Wizzdum from a former filthy rich drug addict—}

“Most salesmen make the big mistake of
over-selling a product to people who don’t
want one.

I don’t want to jam a pen down the throat of
someone who doesn’t want a pen.

So I would ask you if you might be in the
market for a pen, and if so, what type of pen
you use.

I want to establish your specific needs, and
then tailor my sales questions to those
needs. ‘Until a need is recognised, it
doesn’t matter how great a product is.”

[— End Uv Wizzdum—]

and therein, lies ye olde lesson, squire.

Took me a long time to figure this out..

In fact, it took 2 kids, a huge supplement
biz’niz and mental breakdown to realise.

Not everybody you come across is ready to
train with you.

Maybe they’re not in a good place mentally,
maybe they’re injured…

Or maybe they have ZERO time right now

(yup, that actually does happen to people…
regardless of you telling me I have to ‘make

It’s why the desperate yells of

‘Buy, Buy, Buy’ make me shake my head in agony.

The needy calls of ‘Look how cheap we are’ kill me.

And it’s why you need to:

-Grown and nuture an email list.

-PUT OUT CONTENT that helps ‘me’..

-and builds a relationship with me

-So that you can gain ‘my’ trust.

-So that when ‘I’ AM ready… I’m coming to you..

NOT the desperado who’s shouting

“Discount on our sessions, we’re awesome!”

Give me the ‘opportunity to work with you’

stop pushing something that I don’t want..

In my face 24/7.. that shit gets tired..


don’t believe me?

Check your facebook for ‘sellers’ of Herbalife,
Body by Vi and Juice Plus…

then tell me I ain’t right, Partner.

Paul ‘Lemon Quaalude’ Mort

PS- Check out this hilarious clip from the movie..

Reminds me of what those ‘distributors’ sound like
when you ask them about the ingredients:

PPS- Ever wondered why I NEVER, EVER, EVER pushed
MMIC on social media?

The answer lies in this email, chico.

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