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Clients VS Money

February 10, 2018

If I was to survey 100 personal trainers…

And ask them what they wanted for their businesses?

I could almost guarantee that the most common answer would be:

“More clients”

However, if I was to follow up that question with ANOTHER question…

And ask WHY they wanted more clients?

The answer would be a unanimous:

“Because I want to make more money”

And therein lies the TRUTH, amigo

As much as personal trainers like to pretend that they’re NOT doing what they do for the money?

They are

Because if they weren’t?

They’d be doing it for FREE

The thing is…


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There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to make money

Money creates FREEDOM

And it gives you options in life

It DOESN’T make you ‘evil’

If anything, money acts as a ‘magnifier’

When good people have more money?

They can do more good

When bad people have more money?

They can do more bad

But money DOESN’T change who they are

If you’re a GOOD person?

(Which I suspect you ARE)

You’ll be able to do MORE good with MORE money

What that actually equates to?

Depends on YOU

But for starters?

You could provide a BETTER life for your family

A nicer home

A nicer area

A nicer school for the kids

I wouldn’t call that ‘evil’

Would you?

Paul ‘Provider’ Mort

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