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Does Charging More Equal Better Results?

May 11, 2017

I often get asked about pricing

As in:

“How much should I charge for my bootcamp/PT sessions?”

The funny thing is, most people ALREADY know how much they want to charge

They’re just seeking ‘permission’

Which is silly

Because it’s NOT my business

It’s theirs

However, if this is something that YOU also struggle with?

My answer is VERY simple

Charge MORE


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90% of the personal trainers that I speak to DON’T charge enough for what they do

And by charging more, you’ll actually be doing your CLIENTS a favour…

As well as yourself


A higher investment equals better adherence to the programme

It really is that simple, mon ami

Luckily for you…

Premium pricing is something that I focus on a LOT inside my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

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Paul ‘More’ Mort

PS – Charging more money DOESN’T mean that you’re greedy

Far from it

It just shows that you offer a QUALITY service…

And that you’re CONFIDENT in what you do

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