Catfood for breakfast? - The Paul Mort Podcast

Catfood for breakfast?

August 30, 2015

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One of the things I’m given credit for is the

“If you don’t get a handle on your marketing,
I hope you enjoy catfood.. or living with
your mum”

But the “catfood” part..

I got that one from my man Martin Rooney

The same Martin Rooney, who’s Training for
Warriors level 1 Certification
I’ve been
tellng you about these past few days

See, Martin…

as well as working with some of the best
sports teams in the WORLD

has also worked with a shit load of UFC guys

That’s where he first came across the whole

“I’m famous, I don’t need to pay you” thing

Man, I had that with some Premier League
footballers too

These guys were on £20,000 A WEEK

and were AWFUL at paying their dues for
training, nutrition plans and supplements

Anyhoo, the whole ‘catfood’ thing is actually
one of the reasons that I reccommend Martins

Because he’s actually BEEN THERE, babycakes

He’s worked with some SERIOUSLY bad-ass

and his knowledge is incredible

So good, that it would almost be a travesty
if you didn’t give yourself the opportunity
to learn from him

AND without having to travel to do it in

PARTICULARLY if you’re looking to inject some
serious FIRE into your GROUP TRAINING

Here’s a message I got on Friday from my man
Luke Harrison:

“Hands down THE BEST coaching course I’ve
been on.. Not only teaching you new tools but
actually making you GIVE a shit about WHY you
do em. Martin absolutely Blows my mind”

So here’s the deal, seal


is your VERY LAST CHANCE to get in on this

Here’s the link:

Oh and if you want to hear more about Marting
and his story

(and the catfood reference)

Check this podcast out:


Its #31 in there ^^

Paul ‘Whiskas’ Mort

PS- Got a VERY weird story to tell you about

You’ll prolly be a little freaked out by it

I certainly was…

Keep watch on that inbox, breezy


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