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How not to look like a dick and a frank confession

November 26, 2013

Late on from me today, babycakes. I mentioned this the other week. It’s the one about giving your opinion without being an arse-hole about it. Nick Mitchell made some KILLER points on trolls in this podcast actually, dood. http://iampaulmort.com/nick-mitchell-talks-58-thousand-likes-social-media-trolls-getting-pretty-much-every-fitness-magazine/ So, In my overloaded inbox (damn holidays) this morning. I had one from a friend of […]


As If My Ego Couldn’t Get Any Bigger…

November 22, 2013

I get A LOT of emails thanking me for both the podcast…. and of course, my famous daily emails. And its REALLY nice. Huge boost to my ego. So thanks for that, I DO really appreciate it. But here’s the thing, breezy. If you aren’t earning any extra money as a result of my stuff.. […]


I Just Couldn’t Be Bothered Anymore…

November 21, 2013

This email could set off a lightbulb for you.. That could mean more cash in your sky rocket. Have I mentioned I’m in Egypt right now? Didn’t want to rub it in or anything. But thats not the point in this email. I wanted to talk to you about a new notion that some of […]


Geeking out on this Virgin video…

November 21, 2013

  Make what you want of that headline, hotlips,   But it ISN’T what you think it is, ya dorty buggar.   See, I’ve been banging on about ‘info-tainment’ for a while.   And last week I saw something that made me smile   (that wasn’t meant to rhyme, by the way– ha)   Specially […]


I Laughed So Hard I Pissed My Pants

November 19, 2013

  Case ya couldn’t tell… I LOVE to laugh… I once laughed so hard I did actually piss my pants. No it wasn’t at the guy who asked me to promote his event (I’ll tell you about him next week) It was at a Peter Kay show. And you know, most people are the same. […]


Tales From ‘Fit Body Farm’

November 18, 2013

Few weeks ago now I did a 1 day consult and business review with my man Gavin Hogarth. (those are only available for members ofhttp://marketingmuscleinsider.com)   On the way there I got 3 points on my licence… Was doing 97.. Wooops… My bad. Anyhoo, Gavin’s biz’niz is called ‘Fit Body Farm’ He basically runs his […]


Biz’niz and Productivity Lessons From Spartacus

November 15, 2013

Just started watching Spartacus from Season 1 again. Yes, it’s okay to watch TV AND be successful despite what the happy-clappy crew keep spouting shit about. Spartacus is prolly my favourite show. I mean, its fulla of fighting and shagging.. What kinda man wouldnt like that? Anyhoo, it starts with Spartacus getting captured for attacking […]


The Most Passionate Man In Fitness Cried Like a Girl

November 14, 2013

Last week I did a podcast with my droog Zach Even-Esh. Love that guy. Prolly the most passionate muddah fuggah in the fitness industry. He got so pumped at one stage that he ended up in tears. Anyhoo, one of the several explosions of knowledge I managed to pull out of his brain… Was something that […]

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