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One Sentence to Rule Them All….

December 10, 2013

Is it just me? Or do you get REALLY unfomfortable talking about nutrition in a social environment. Seems to be the one subject that everyone has an opinion on right? even when they have zero experience or qualifications? I actually used to avoid going to social occasions with certain people In my town.. cuz I […]


What Do Elliott Hulse and Gary Vaynerchuk have in common?

December 9, 2013

They’re both about to be on the Paul Mort podcast. In fact, I’m interviewing em both tonight.. So am as excited as a dog with two dicks.. Never head of them? Elliot Hulse, who has almost a MILLION subscribers on his youtube channel AND who’s smart enough to know how to turn that into money— […]


How to run ‘Special Offers’ Without Discounting

December 6, 2013

I get it dude.. the discount thing.. You want an influx of new clients, make more sales.. You want a great christmas and people LOVE a special offer. So a sale where you SLASH prices is kinda logical. Well listen up dude, at the end of this email.. I’m going to show you a way […]


Crushing Fear, Resentment, Stress and Overwhelm

December 4, 2013

Fear, disappointment, resentment, anger, frustration, stress, overwhelm. Some of those sound familiar? I still suffer from some of em Weekly. days where I just feel like jacking it all in. Where I feel VERY insecure and fearful as to wether I’m doing it right. Pissed off with the competition.. Even panicking a little… worried. Ever […]


How to Profit From ‘Boring

December 4, 2013

Got a great question from one of my newest Marketing Muscle Insiders, Lee “Paul, I see the benefits of ‘being yourself’ in your marketing and get how important it is but I don’t really use bad language and I’m not very funny. Actually, I’m pretty boring :-(” Cracking question. Something I couldn’t get my head around […]


Steal This From Porsche (Legally)

December 3, 2013

Hot daaaaang amigo, a Porsche dealer in the states recently did some marketing that really blew my mind. It was so good that I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I’ve used something similar for events and mentoring and its been really effective at taking people from “thinking about” signing up to actually committing. […]


Your BEST Clients

December 2, 2013

My favourite clients were prolly like yours. Listen to what you say, lots of fun to be around, always paid on time and never whined about your prices, even when you put them up. You do increase your prices right? Back to my point, brew. Was chatting with my droog James last week and he […]


I’m Turning Into The Scrooge Of Fitness

November 29, 2013

“How do you know Xmas themed fitness marketing sucks? Cuz everyone’s doing it” The Majority are wrong. Jon Mcculloch, A.K.A the Evil Bald Genius and also one of my mentors told me that earlier this year. And those stats I showed you yesterday prove it…. Makes sense right, amigo? UK is fatter than it ever […]


How GREAT Personal Trainers Go Broke

November 28, 2013

Lets face it chico, most personal trainers are struggling. and it’s their own fault. Lemme ‘splaineth: In our country… which is FATTER AND SICKER than it’s EVER EVER been. The people who can do THE MOST to help these people.. Make less money than my mate that works in Greggs. its down to one thing […]


Another Message From an Email ‘Nay-sayer’

November 27, 2013

Had another message that kinda pissed me off yesterday. Although I admire how forward this lady is Actually, got talking to her and she ‘s lovely. (wussup Kim?) “Paul, not being funny but I’ve been doing this a long time.. and you’ll never sell anything ‘expensive’ using email” Now, I have no idea what this […]

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