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Knee Deep In LightBulbs (no more clients?)

November 8, 2013

At my last private mastermind in Marbella and the ‘marketing makeover’ event last weekend I was surrounded by the sound of lightbulbs going off. I was quite literally balls deep in ‘a-ha’s After being GRILLED.. and I mean GRILLED to the point of being REALLY pissed off on the “6 P’s” of Fitness Biz’niz about […]


5 Super Simple Ways to Get Started With ‘Email Lists’

November 7, 2013

Been promising this for a while eh dood? Though I’d finally get it down in a mail for ya… See, I’ve been banging on about how epic email is for a long time. And how both myself and my mentoring students are seeing insane results where it counts… Our bank balances. What I kinda realise […]


The Tao of a Manic-Depressive Nut Job

November 6, 2013

I suffer from this ting called cyclothymia.. Its kinda like bipolar ‘cept I dont get into mountains of debt or do too much crazy shizzle. I usually end up spending a week in bed every month. No shit. I have therapy at the nut house and everythin Man….. *In the last 6 weeks alone, at some point or […]


I’m Obsessed with Your Inbox… Weird?

November 5, 2013

You know I’m head over heels in love with this email lark right brew? Seriously, the results since I ‘plugged in’ daily email have been sensational. Even a grumpy owld bastard like me gets a semi on with results like these… Lean Greens has seen a 40% Increase in sales since I started Email every […]


Some of THE most ridiculous advice I’ve heard

November 4, 2013

You ever heard advice so bad that it kinda made you angry? I read some last week that almost made me vomit man. In my younger, angrier days I wudda waded in. But like i said last week… arguments on social media are for fitpro’s that have too much time on their hands and not […]


7 Bad-Ass Tips To Get More Shit Done

November 1, 2013

Dood.. think I’ve read every book on productivity going. No shit. I’ve came to the conclusion I’d rather do 10001 other things than work. I have no problem admitting that either, chico. Man, I love what I do.. Specially since i retired from trying to be ‘professional’ IE: BOORRRRRRRRING all of the time. but I […]


The Art of Being Anti-Professional

October 31, 2013

Was talking to someone about my Podcast the other day.. Dude was sayin that my ‘logo’ could potentially put people off and scare them away. He didn’t really get it at the time But thats EXACTLY what I want it to do, chico. Hence the tag line ‘No whiners or Sensitive Snowflakes’ see, if you’re ‘put- […]


She’s Threatening to have my site shut down..

October 30, 2013

I’ve been being stalked by a woman from a cleaning company. She’s sent me a few emails now, threatening to have one of my sites taken down.. Because I’m using a picture that’s copywrited aparantly. Serious shit… The picture is of a woman covered in post it notes. I aint gonna show you how to avoid […]


Will I Be the Fattest One There?

October 29, 2013

Man, I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve had saying that. gets kinda irratating right brew? But its a genuine concern that peeps have. When you haven’t done anything in a while and your’e carrying excess timber Its fucking terrifying.. Take it from the original fat dad here. Kinda reminds me of some […]


How Do I find you?

October 28, 2013

On friday my bi’niz partner and secret weapon behind Lean Greens hitting quarter of a million pounds on 8 months, Tim Goodwin. Taught a room full of our Bulk Buyers some ninja shit about google. You know, the most powerful website in the world? The thing that people search on when they’re looking for products and services? […]

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