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Uber-rich weirdo claims: “Everyones WRONG”

October 21, 2017

On one of my ‘guy goes to the cinema alone’ days last year… I checked out The Big Short, with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt The verdict? GREAT movie. To cut a long story short (get it? meh) Its about how the housing market in America crashed drastically and caused a huge financial […]


How GREAT Personal Trainers Go Broke

October 20, 2017

Lets face it chico, most personal trainers are struggling and it’s their own fault Lemme ‘splaineth: In our country… which is FATTER AND SICKER than it’s EVER EVER been The people who can do THE MOST to help these people… Make less money than my mate that works in Greggs its down to one thing […]


a CONTROVERSIAL way to keep clients longer

October 19, 2017

WARNING: this is VERY unconventional But it WORKS. Period. Retention is a subject that should be kinda important to you I know it is to me… Not just now in my inner circle: but back when I first started PT’ing into when I grew my bootcamp bizniz and then when I started Lean Greens […]


Personal Training Vs Bootcamp (epic battle)

October 18, 2017

Back in my younger, more aggresive days I used to get involved in some EPIC battles… With PT’s about my bootcamps. PT’s had a big problem with bootcamps back then. “It’s not personalised” “It’s dangerous, you can’t correct everyones form” yada yada. Most of them just had their tampons in a twist because I was […]


A Question From Chris

October 17, 2017

Yesterday, I received an email from one of your fellow email subscribers, ‘Chris H’ And within his email, he asked the following question: If a PT needs help and cant qualify on to your marketing inner circle group for any reason?! How can you help? ^^^ This is a good question You see, amigo… My […]


I’ll Get Hate Mail For This…

October 16, 2017

At the end of this message I’m going to invite you to opt out of receiving my emails anymore.. There’s something in here to p*ss EVERYONE off “I don’t have time to read the newsletter” Is the statement that prompted this email today.. Was from someone that had decided that they no longer wanted to […]


You’ve Caught Up!

October 15, 2017

If you try to listen to my podcast on your iPhone, today… You’ll probably see the following message: “You’ve Caught Up!” Why? Because your Uncle Morty has been a VERY busy boy, this week… And I’ve NOT had a chance to record any new episodes (You know the deal, amigo, the stuff I get paid […]


Dumb-Nut Personal Trainer attacks me

October 14, 2017

I have a LOT of love for PT’s after all, your Uncle Mort-dogg was one for a good 12 years and of course, I’ve helped hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of PT’s over the years to make more money, help more people and have more time off But sometimes (and I’m sure this happens in most […]


Low class, Jack-ass FB Fitness Marketers

October 13, 2017

Opened up the old Flakebook to this private message last week: “Hi Paul, How is your fitness business going right now?” A message from some random dude that had just ‘friend requested’ me the day before I mean- What the hell, right? Talk about a douche-nozzle (Dude got the instant ‘block’) Ever noticed that these […]


Training with a semi-boner

October 12, 2017

<<^^Thats exactly what happened to me last year in Bury, near Manchester See, I was training for my first boxing fight… and my buddy Ric Moylan set me up to watch WORLD CHAMP boxers Scott Quigg and Anthony Crolla Both BRILLIANT boxers.. and man what lovely, down to earth guys These dudes get paid 7 […]

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