You can’t save them…. (not-so-Super Mort) - The Paul Mort Podcast

You can’t save them…. (not-so-Super Mort)

January 30, 2015

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 Ever had a client that was just CrAzY
That was just like super needy, from the
moment they started working with you…
and then LEFT quicker than Katie Price can
get married (again)
I’ve had a ton of them in MMIC, cuz I thought I was 
and I don’t blame THEM
See its OUR fault.
Lemme ‘splaineth, Bro-migo:
when someone is DESPERATE
they’re wanting to be SAVED
We can get the ‘vibe’ from them
Well at least I can..
I can smell desperate a mile off
Usually involves money
Now don’t get it twisted, chachi…
Of course we should try and help people
but the prollem with people that need saving?
They’re OPPORTUNISTS NOT investment minded
-They do crazy shit 
-They don’t listen, they just HEAR 
-They kinda expect you to do it for
  them (cuz they gave you money) 
-They’re blinded by the desperation 
-They expect instant results 
-They RUSH everything
Then when results aren’t as quick as they’d
They’re off….{Poooof of smoke}
Blaming you for not saving them
Looking for the next super-hero
Here’s what you need to realise:
They can only save THEMSELVES
So my advice to you brother?
Seek to work with INVESTMENT minded people
NOT opportunity seekers
Guess which ones the best fit to work with me
in my inner circle?
Yup- you guesses it…
Investment seekers need only apply:
Paul ‘super scrotum’ Mort
PS- Nothing to see here today….
But cheers for checking, dood


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