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“Can I pick your brain?”

January 18, 2018

You know how it is, chico…

Those emails.

Texts, Facebook messages and tweets

The Lunches, the coffees, the pints all with the premise of ‘picking your brain’

So how do you deal with it?


I’ll get to that but If you’re anythin’ like me hombre, your time is f*cking valuable.

You’re busy

Busy doing the stuff that will push your closer to your dreams..

You’ve already done pretty well…

Blood, sweat, tears, tenacity

Money invested in courses, equipment, books

mentors and knowledge.

and now you’re getting these requests

and of course you want to help, you really do

It’s why you got into this business, right?

But here’s the truth, my feathered friend..

(Wether you want to admit it or not)

1- The coffee you have is at 5am and you don’t have f*cking time for these meetings

2-You don’t want to have your brain picked or your balls tickled by a man with a hairy hands for that matter…

3-and, if you do.. you want PAID for it

But I also know this

BECAUSE you care and BECAUSE you give a sh*t..

You’ll overthink the whole thing

Or just kinda ignore the request and then feel GUILTY about it

So here’s my advice, bro-heim

You gotta be BRUTALLY honest..

People actually appreciate honesty, believe it or not

If you can do it without being an asshole- thats cool too

Course, you can direct them to that BOATLOAD of free content you put out

(you do put put content right?)

But here are some INCREDIBLY cool ways to deal with these questions…

That I learnt from Marie Forleo’s blog a while back:

— Get ready, these are f*cking awesome — 


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A- “My work schedule is full, so coffee is not doable this days.

Aye you interested in becoming a client, or do you just have a quick question?”

I LOVE this, it forces them to tell you wht they REALLY want from your time

so you can either direct them to your sales page OR they can ask a question but its clear they can’t take the p*ss

B- “I’ve had to bring in a new rule since I’m so busy.

If I don’t have time to see my mam, I don’t have time to meet peeps for coffee.

and right now, I owe my mam a vist.

But seriously, I’m sure we’ve have a blast and I hope you’re not insulted but my work schedule is packed and I’ve gotta pass.”

But by far and away my favourite and most TO THE POINT

is “yup, pick a time from this schedule and here’s the payment link.. I look forward to it”

Like that?

If all else fails..

remember that because the ‘brain pickers’ haven’t invested in your knowledge

they’ll do JACK SH*T with it anyway

Unlike the guys who are in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:


And who are killing it right now

Paul ‘pick my brain’ Mort

PS – Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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