I Can Guarantee It (Can You?)

March 21, 2017

If you want to pick up some NEW clients before the end of this month?

Here’s a VERY simple way to do it:

Offer a money back guarantee

Not only will this show that you’re confident in what you’re offering…

It’s the ‘right’ thing to do

After all, if someone joins your programme, does the work, and follows your advice?

Their results SHOULD be guaranteed

Otherwise, you’re selling something that DOESN’T work

And if so?


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You DON’T have a business


I practice what I preach, mon ami:


If you join MMIC today?

You’ll be covered by a full 90 day, money back guarantee

If you join my programme, do the work, and follow my advice?

Your results are guaranteed

And speaking of ‘results’?

Here’s what MMIC member ‘Chris T’ recently had to say about HIS results:

I have to admit…

I didn’t know or think that MMIC would be able to help me improve my training business

I was doing ok making 5-6K per month, but I was busting my b*lls to do so

I did the same as other PTs in my area which was grinding from sun up to sun down, working every f*cking day, and constantly fighting with my wife about quality time

It was no way to live

MMIC helped save me from going back to a corp job, moved my income to 8-9K per month, I train clients 4 days per week, and the only fight that occurs now is over what to do with our leisure time

Thanks, Paul

If you want the same thing for YOUR business?

Go here:


And I’ll show you how it’s done

Paul ‘Guarantor’ Mort

PS – If the potential return of £15K+ a month, for a mere £197 investment…

(With a FULL money back back guarantee)

Is still too risky for you?

You’re probably NOT cut out for this business ‘game’

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No hard feelings




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