Can You Count, Suckas?

March 8, 2017

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘dyscalculia’

Which, according to experts at Wikipedia…

Is a difficulty learning or comprehending arithmetic

Unfortunately, it seems to be on the rise

Or at least that’s the impression that I get from MOST personal trainers

I’m being serious, amigo

Walk into any gym, in any town, and you’ll find personal trainers stood next to their clients…

Doing nothing more, than counting reps






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Boring for the trainer

And boring for the client

Which is why it’s NO surprise when the client ends up ‘sacking’ their personal trainer…

(ie – saying that they can no longer afford it)

Even IF they’re getting the result that they want

The truth is, amigo…

No-one wants to pay money to be bored

If you’re not giving your clients an ‘experience’ that they can’t get elsewhere?

They won’t stick around for long


Especially if all you’re doing is ‘counting reps’

The good news?

All you need to do, is inject a little bit of your PERSONALITY into your work

Not only will your clients get more out of their sessions

But so will you

Especially if you’re following my advice from yesterday’s email…

And you’re targeting people that you actually WANT to spend your time with

After all, if you’re training someone that you have NOTHING in common with?

You’ll probably struggle to build a rapport with them

Which might leave you with very little to say

Except for counting their reps





Paul ‘Cyrus’ Mort

PS – By the way…

There’s more to running a successful business than JUST working with people that you like

Luckily for you, I cover EVERYTHING you need in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’

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