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Why Is It Called ‘Boxing Day’?

December 26, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

When you look at it ‘objectively’?

The name ‘boxing day’ doesn’t really fit

Does it?

Which is why this year, inspired by my deep love of boxing…

(Which I may have mentioned once or twice)

I decided to Google it, and find out more

Boxing day, apparently, gets it’s name from an old English tradition…

Where wealthy people would give their servants a ‘Christmas box’ on the day after Christmas

The details are a bit ‘sketchy’, but it looks like it’s something that’s been around since the 1600’s

Which just goes to show the power of TRADITION

See, I make good money

And I know a LOT of other people who make good money as well

But I don’t know anyone who has a servant

(And I bet you don’t either)

Despite this?

Here we are, FOUR HUNDRED years later, following traditions set by other people…

That have NO relevance to us

Interesting, eh?

But it’s not surprising

I see the same thing EVERY day, in the fitness industry

People become personal trainers

They look at what their ‘competitors’ are doing

And then they copy the EXACT same formula

(Without giving it a second thought)


I prefer to INNOVATE

And so do the members of my ‘Inner Circle’:


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Which is why we’re NOT afraid to try new things with our businesses

Do these ‘new things’ ALWAYS go to plan?

No, not always

But in this game?

You either win, or you LEARN

Which is something that DOESN’T happen when you blindly follow what other people are doing

So, my advice today?

Don’t be afraid to come up with your own ideas

If you want to try something ‘new’ with your business?

Test it out

And see what happens

You might just surprise yourself

Paul ‘Non-Traditional’ Mort

PS – If your business is ‘sleighing’ it right now…

(See what I did there?)

And you don’t need more money, more clients, or more time off?

You probably don’t need my help

But if you DO?

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