Are You Busy Right Now?

April 15, 2017

It’s Saturday morning, mon ami

But not just any old Saturday morning

It’s day TWO of the Easter bank holiday weekend

Hopefully, you’re spending time with loved ones, today

And catching up with friends and family that you’ve not seen in a while

But if NOT?

I can only assume that you’re BUSY

And there’s NOTHING wrong with being busy

I run TWO successful businesses

And I know ALL about being busy

But the thing is…


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I’m in CONTROL of my time

Which means that I’m ONLY busy when I choose to be

And working Saturday morning’s are BIG ‘no-no’ for me, mon ami

I’d much rather spend that time with my wife and kids…

Instead of HAVING to work

Hopefully, you’re in the same position

But if NOT?

You should check out my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Not only will I show you how to create the most expensive and in-demand bootcamp your town has EVER seen

I’ll also show you how to structure your time, so that you NEVER have to work another Saturday again.

(Shame you didn’t sign up last month, eh?)

Paul ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ Mort

PS – If you’d rather spend your bank holiday weekend ‘hustling’, and ‘outworking’ your competitors?

That’s cool, homie

But unfortunately, you’d be a terrible fit for this:

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