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How to build a GIANT group training biz

January 17, 2018

in case you didn’t know…

Back in the day, Uncle Mort-dizzle build a BIG group training bizniz

Like 4 countries, 19 locations big…

and it all started with just me…

in a park with ZERO equipment

crazy right?

at one point, we had close to 400..

yep FOUR HUNDRED members across the locations

Thing is chachi….

I didn’t really know what i was doing, bizniz wise, marketing wise…

Sh*t- I almost cringe when I look back at how much ‘hustle’ i had to do back then

before I figured out systems and automation..

Like the stuff I teach in MMIC:

But I do have some strategies to share with you that..

even if you’re just starting out will JAM-PACK your sessions with a bunch of great clients


1- Have the ‘audacity’ to charge more than your competitors

See, I believe you ARE the best, most committed trainer in your town

So align your fees with that…

people will AUTOMATICALLY believe you’re the best

2- Make your sessions an absolute BLAST

Have some fun, make jokes, have great music

Lets face it, who wants to train with a bunch of miserable f*ckers.. in silence?

Not me, thats for sho’

3- Guarantee results.

Results are CRITICAL.

I grew that business, that fast because I got results..

not only that, but I GUARANTEED them..

NO-ONE else has the balls to compete with that

4- Run seminars and workshops


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I did A LOT of seminars

(often with only 20 people there… )

They created a ‘non intimidating’ environment for people that were a little scared or who hadn’t trained for a while

They positioned me as an EXPERT and FAST

which made them perfect for SELLING my programs and products


it just so happens, that this is exactly the sort of thing I teach in MMIC

You can find out more here:

Paul ‘in the park’ Mort

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