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​Blatant Pitch

May 22, 2015

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Tonight, babycakes…

I send this months “MMMIC” newsletter to print

If you want in on this and are ready to start
taking your bizniz seriously 

you best get your skates on  

Here’s what’s inside this doozy:

* How to CRUSH your competition with one,
simple ‘hack’ that the “goorooz” don’t even
know about

* Why overwhelm is BULLSHIT and how to end all
thoughts of it. FAST

* Why people choose WEIGHT WATCHERS, Juice Plus
and Herbalife over you.. time and time again
(and how to fix that shit)

* What ‘stress’ really is and how to NEVER feel
it (you wont find this in any self help book)

* How to get people to give you more money,
more quickly AND be HAPPIER? (Weird tip)

* What to do when you’re NOT motivated and
CAN’T be bothered (and still get shit done)

* My #1 tip for erasing overwhelm, guilt,
anger, frustration and doubt.. ALL IN ONE GO

* My fool-proof, 3 step ‘system’ for creating
EPIC emails that INFLUENCE people to take

* How to “get started” when you have a shit ton
of stuff to do

* My PERSONAL blueprint for getting more done
in 1 week, than most do in 1 month

* The actual ‘Accountability forms’ I use weekly
for HUGE productivity

* 3 ‘swipe and steal’ emails that you can use
to create ‘connection’ with your list

* What you should do on a SUNDAY NIGHT to
DOUBLE your effectiveness

* The only 4 things you really need to ACTUALLY
do in order to profit from your marketing

* The REAL truth about why people buy from you
(or don’t)

* Why fat people hate you- and what to do about
it (your competitors aren’t doing this)

* One simple (but NEVER used by most) trick to
drastically improve your numbers, across the

* How to build a kick ass “TRIBE” that buys
everything you put out

* How to attract more awesome clients that are
a BLAST TO WORK WITH (no more whiners and

* The “goorooz” work waaay harder than me.. yet
I make more money. Discover WHY (page 14)

* An UBER-Powerful strategy to getting people
to trust you WITHOUT telling lies

* Shocking (even to me) secret to turning
emails you’ve already used into “free money”

* How to ‘season’ your emails with entertaining
humour for more profits (and laughs)

And a bunch more bad-assery for your fun
(and profits)

She goes to print tonight

Get your ass over here:


Paul ‘buy my shit’ Mort

PS- DO NOT even bother clicking the link
if you already know it all….

OR you’re one of those lazy douchebags

that doesn’t want to do to work

but wants the results….

You’d be better off with one of those ‘goorooz’
that’ll blow sunshine up your ass

So you keep paying them, of course 

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