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The bizniz of fitness (this weekend)

April 28, 2016

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So my buddy Greg Bradley is hosting an event this weekend

With some of the smartest dudes in the fitness game

The start of the show?

Thom Plummer

There actually aren’t that many ‘biz coaches’ in fitness I’d recommend

Mostly cuz they lie.. A LOT

To the point where it makes me laugh my ass off, rather than get angry

but thats a story for another day

Greg send me over some info on the event and when I saw it

I was like I MUST share this

There’s one ‘benefit’ in particular that I think would interest you

“The Business of Fitness teaches you how to make more money from LESS members or clients”

Imagine that ?? ^^^

Just think about that for a second…

MORE money from LESS members

Know what that means don’t you babycakes?


Man… if I wasn’t heading off to Croatia on holiday with the family this weekend

I’d have checked it out

maybe even spoken at the event

The evidence I’ve seen that this ‘claim is true’

I personally know one of Thom Plummers long term clients

Dude has the most profitable gym, per square foot


If that doesn’t wet your whistle.. then I don’t know what else to say

Check this:

Paul ‘clamming for Crotia’ Mort

PS- Yesterday I finished off my first ever “Unstoppable Bastards- Uncaged” experience

and WOW

Shit blew my mind… and I was running it

tell you more tomorrow, hotlips

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