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Big Jon Rockerfeller was correct, squire

November 10, 2017

You’ve prolly heard of John Rockerfeller

Nothing to do with Jay-Z

But he’s the richest man in HISTORY

Sh*t- Imagine how much bacon this had in his sammich?


The dude made a statement back in the day that MAY have made your old Uncle Mortys man pipe twitch

(just maybe)

It isn’t erotic or anything but here goes:

“Buy when there’s blood in the street”

Basically this dude made most of his fortune by doing the OPPOSITE of what his competition did

In fact, in a study of the 10 wealthiest people in history..

they all had one thing in common

(no- it wasn’t that they all used positive affirmations)

They all invested when everyone else told them to sell…

In other words


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When everyone else was ‘zigging’ they were ‘zagging’

I’m cringing at myself for that bit ^^

And its the same with me and my most successful guys

Whilst every PT and his dog are whoring themselves out on Flakebook all day

‘we’ spend 20 mins a day writing emails

Whilst ‘they’ are being drowned out by all of the noise and ‘dog eat dog’ of social media

‘we’ are quietley DOMINATING peoples attention in the email inbox where… and you can quote me on this

your closest competitors are NOWHERE to be seen

Funny that, eh?

Despite the world being fatter than EVER

The people that can help the MOST

earn a sh*tty income and work sh*tty hours

if that doesn’t tell you to do something different… well, I dont know what else to say

‘cept head over here if you REALLY want to change your own results:

Paul ‘dirtyfella’ Mort

PS- Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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