Barry Manilow Is Gay! (Shock/Horror)

April 7, 2017

Yesterday, I discovered that Barry Manilow…

(The old-school ‘crooner’ that your gran is probably a BIG fan of)

Has ‘come out’ and revealed that he’s gay

At 73

And to that?

I can only say ONE thing:

“Fair play.”

Because at 73?

The world that Bazza grew up in, was VERY different to the world that we live in TODAY

But then, it got me thinking

This poor f*cker…

(Despite his millions)

Has spent the last 73 YEARS living a ‘lie’

And even though he HAS finally ‘come out of the closet’?

He’s still spent the majority of his life ‘hiding’ who he really was

Sounds exhausting, eh?

Unfortunately, ‘living a lie’ is something that most personal trainers are ALSO guilty of

I’m NOT saying that they’re lying about their sexuality…

(Although some of those Instagram posts ARE a bit ‘suspect’)

I’m talking about the way that they ACT in public

When talking to clients?

It’s all motivation this, and motivation that…

Believe and achieve, etc

But behind closed doors?

They’re terrified

Terrified of what other people think

Terrified of looking stupid

And terrified of FAILING

Maybe you’re the same?

And if so?


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