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(BAD NEWS) This is uncomfortable reading..

December 18, 2013

You’ll prolly hate reading this amigo.

It’s fulla bad news.

But stay with me and I’ll show you how next
year doesn’t have to suck for you.

If you’ve had a year of copycats and really
hard hustling to get clients.

Leaves you pretty tired and exhausted right?

You feel like you’re sprinting all the time
just to stay ahead of the competition don’t

I feel for you. I really do.

I’ve had copy cats galore too.

More people offering mentoring (most of whom
have never ran a biz’niz of any kind)

More people brining out ‘their own’ greens

But i got some bad news…


For all of us.

See, if you think ‘competition’ is bad now.

We’re about to see 16 THOUSAND
NEW personal trainers enter the industry
AGAIN in 2014.

Thats a cold, hard and somewhat FRIGHTENING FACT.

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So… amigo it’s gonna be tough times ahead.

You simply cannot afford to keep following the crowd
and offering discounts and whoring yourself out
with facebook statuses.

Cuz thats what ‘they’ will do to..

They don’t know any better.

^^^^ Troof Bomb ^^^^

Am gonna let you in on a couple of little secrets
that will help you next year..

And it ain’t actually that complicated,babycakes.

Here are some of the essentials if you wanna
stay ahead of the pack and stand out like a
fart in a church.

1- Know your ‘Avatar’ better than ANYONE else.

2- Market ONLY to this avatar using THEIR language.

3– Learn how to get leads and email addresses
Like this -)

4- Send info-taining, punchy emails DAILY.
Click here If you’d love to see some examples

5- Educate yourself on how to write sales copy on
your website that is irresistible to your potential clients

6- Observe what your competitors and the rest of
the fitness industry is doing and do the opposite.

(Remember, most trainers are struggling. So
why copy them?)

Do those 6 things and do them WELL

and I guarantee you wont be having to scratch around
and work your balls of just to make ends meet.

you wont have to rely on ‘clutching at straws
marketing’ based on ‘seasons and events’

if you know how to get a steady, consistent
stream of Interested people…

More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, those 6 things above are things
that I teach as part of my all new inner circle.

I January’s issue we’ll be focusing on

How to get peoples attention on your website

and how to get your emails opened so you can
make cheddar on a DAILY BASIS.

Read more here chico:


Paul ‘Making you Uncomfortable’ Mort

PS- I’m riding the Polar Express today…

hopefully this little bout of depression will be lifted
by having to wear my pyjamas in public.

No shit.

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