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Bacon making lessons from Zizou

September 21, 2015

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Zinedine Zidane..

One of the greatest footballers of all time
in my honest (and correct) opinion

Dudes now managing Real Madrid’s “B” team,

Zizou is having some prollems though

that transition from incredible player (and
headbutter of Italians)

to coach is a real difficult one

Like the one from Great PT to successful biz

2 VERY different challenges

Anyhoo… read a great article yesterday
about him

and this quote from in particular stood out

“If you’re soft with the boys, it doesn’t
work. I discovered that you have to tell
players things they’re not ready to hear”

^^ sweet, right.. chachi?

ya know, its EXACTLY the same in your

See when you aren’t afraid to piss people off
and call them out on their shit…

and at the same time showing them YOU CARE

Sure, you’ll get a few people being butt hurt

Here’s the biggy—–>>>>

You actually have the OPPOSITE effect on the
people you REALLY want to work with

The ones you give a shit about

The ones who REALLY want to change

You draw them NEARER.

So let me put this to you, amigo:

If you’re struggling to build a tribe right

Or struggling to turn enquiries into money

Or build your email list

Then maybe its time you did what I did to
TRANSFORM my life and business

Stop being trying to be so ‘nice’ to your

start showing people their TRUTH and calling
them out on the BULLSHIT stories they’re
telling themselves about why they can’t get
what they want

show them you CARE- not by being ‘fluffy’ but
by getting up in their GRILL every now and

—-I ASSURE you–

this will aggravate them

Aggravate them enough to DO SOMETHING ABOUT

(NOTE: They’re so used to people sucking up
to them and ‘nice-ing’ them to lose weight
that you calling them out on their excuses is
like a THUNDERBOLT to them)

They’ll either HATE YOU


RATE YOU (thats code for pay you)

Either way, both are better than being
‘indifferent’ about you – like they are right

Luckily for you, my brother from another

I teach this type of thing in MMIC
(In fact, my own mentor, Garrett J White, of
“Wake up Warrior” delivered a kick ass. 60 minute
raining on this- your’s free when you join MMIC)

But its DEFINITELY not for wimps that would
rather blend in with the ‘me too’ PT’s

Who spend more time with their clients than
they do with their kids

and will NEVER do anything about it..

cuz they don’t have the balls.

Paul ‘Feather Ruffler’ Mort

PS- Talking of feathers…

at school I was a quick developer..

the first dude in my year to go through

I remember the first day back after the
summer (year 8 I think)


One dude saw me changing and notice the brand
new ‘birds nest’ on my ball bag…

Thought it would be hilarious to call me
‘feather duster’

Needless to say he wasn’t laughing

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