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My Autobiography (138Tips)

February 21, 2014

Been promising this doozy for a little while.

It’s a big list of things I’ve learnt since I
had my fated ‘meltdown’ a couple of years

BUT…for the ‘uninitiated’ readers that will
devour this one..

I though it would be a good idea to
‘pre-frame’ the list by giving you a head up
as to

{___”Who the fuck is Uncle Morty and why should I listen to him?” ___}

This isn’t to serve my own ego, hombre.

God knows I don’t need any help with that

Most peeps know my early story.. i think

Fat engineer loses weight, becomes PT, hates
1-1, starts bootcamps, gets insane results,
ends up touring the UK teaching other
trainers how to get said results, Explodes
bootcamp to 19 locations in 4 countries..
Mentors several of the UK’s top fit biz owners,
who are now mentors themselves

Moves to Marbella, Spain..

HAS MELTDOWN..ges diagnosed with Bipolar
Sells fitness Biz’niz..

So lets resume from the meltdown of epic
proportions, cupcake…

:: Commence ‘bragging’ ::

I’ve held my own events, selling them out to
100 trainers 7 weeks before they actually

Last year I got the closest I’ve even been to
7 figures.

I launched my own greens drink (my own
formula, not white labeled) it’s in
Selfridges, the Trafford centre

from March it’ll be in every lifestyle
fitness club in the UK

and from May in every (club that I can’t name
yet but has 127 sites)

Been named in a list of the top 100 most
influential trainers of all time

opened in inner circle’ physical newsletter
at 98 a month that’s on 153 members after
only 2 months

Started a podcast which gets 52 THOUSAND downloads a week.

All of this while dealing with the crippling
depression that comes with bipolar

(So don’t EVER say “it’s different for me”)

:: End of Brag ::

So listen hotlips, I hope that gives me the ‘right’ to preach this stuff:

Here goes, babycakes:


1: Facebook is full of noise. Get people OFF of facebook and onto an email list.

2: You will NEVER be considered an expert in
your field if you don’t put out content:
Articles, videos, podcasts.

3: Most fitness people are boring and are
glorified chearleaders

4: There is an amazing amount of freedom in
not taking things personally.

5: If you’re doing GREAT work, you WILL be
criticesed. Rise above.

6: You can’t expect to stand out if you’re
doing and saying the same shit as everyone else

7: You’ll never be attacked by someone more
successful than yourself

8: Your income is directly correlated to how
many people you help, and how good your are
at helping them

9: Most people are allergic to money and are
conditioned to think its bad:

10: Money lets you do amazing things. It
doesn’t make you happy but funds experiences
that do make you happy.

11: Family first ALWAYS.

12: Having children is incredible for
productivity.. and lowers your tolerence to

13: You can CHOOSE who you do business with.

14: Neediness from fitpros is commonplace.
and looks desperate

15: Confidence is almost irresistable.

16: There are MANY more things that are
important to people when looking to train
with someone that just ‘price’

17: People will join you for the results but
stay for the experience.

18: Sending Information is boring, people want

19: People buy more often and spend more when
in good humour.

20: Comparing yourself to others is the
fastest way to misery

21: Talking about NEGATIVE things (especially
feelings) is THE FUTURE of fitness

22: The fitness industry is waaaay to ‘happy
clappy’ and makes ‘normal’ people feel like
shit about themselves

23: Burpees, chicken and broccoli put the
same ‘normal’ people off.Stop it.

24: Having the courage to be yourself will
attact A LOT more people that trying to fake

25: Most fitpros wear a mask in public
because they’re afraid to stand out.

26: Theres no point in having a website if
you dont learn how to drive traffic to it

27: Having a website without an opt in is
like taking a dump and not wiping your ass.

28: FOLLOW up will increase your profits

29: “Never give up” is bullshit. Why keep
beating your head against a wall with
something that doesn’t work?

30: Figuring out marketing and why people buy
is the reason poor trainers can earn more
that brilliant trainers

31: Results arent enough anymore

32: ‘word of mouth’ is what people who don’t
know the numbers in their business say.

33: if you’re not assessing you’re guessing
applies MORE to marketing that it does to

34: Dont compare every day your best day.

35: Most people can have a £10k month, but
the key is to do that EVERY month.

36: Mentioning the word ‘classes’ immediately
pigeon holes you with the competition.

37: 80% of your business comes from 20% of
your efforts. Find out what the 20% is

38: 80% of your headaches come from 20% of
your clients. ALWAYS the ones who pay the

39: Higher prices= MUCH better clients AND

40: If you’re only form of marketing is
facebook- you don’t have a business.

41: Do the polar oppsite to your competition.

42: If you’d rather spend time training
people on an evening that having a bath with
your kids (up to a certain age, of course!)
then you need to look at your priorities

43: It;s not about hard work.. its about

44: Daily email positions you VERY quickly as

45: EVERYTHING in your life comes down to

46: As soon as it stops becoming fun. Stop
doing it.

47: ‘Professional’ is incredibly boring.

48: The customer is NOT ALWAYS right.

49: ‘Buying’ customers is something we all
need to learn

50: Most fitpros are lazy and would rather
post a status update than put out some useful

51: It’s okay to hate exercise and diets…
most people do

52: It’s okay not to be okay.

53: You’ll lose friends on the journey.

54: Just because you don’t share the same
opinion as someone doesnt mean you have to
fall out with them

55: Make your ‘circle’ smaller, not bigger.

56: Most people are in it for themselves and
will use you. Dont take it personally

57: Lower your expectations of other people.

58: when you feel like shit, look back at
what you have achieved. However small it may

59: Most people overexagerate their success

60: If you’ve ever suffered any kind of
depression. Facebook is a HORRIBLE place for

61: People have no problem being ‘sold to’.
As long as its not pitch after pitch.

62: Learning how to write compelling copy is
the greatest skill you can learn in business.

63: Dont do your own accounts. Period.

64: ‘Cheapest’ and ‘Best’ NEVER belong in the
same sentence.

65: People don’t buy based on logic..they buy
based on emotion.

66: Trying to ‘sell’ with flyers is stupid.
Just get me to your site and get my email

67: Only 2% of sales are made on the first

68: 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th

69: Therefore email kicks ass^

70: Theres FREE money in your business right
now: Referalls, reactivation and Retention

71: Most peoples opinions should be

72: Make your own rules, don’t blend in.

73: The country is fatter than it ever has
been yet the people who can help the most get
paid less than burger flippers

74: The above is down to shit, intimidating marketing.

75: You can’t create change by telling people
what they want to hear.

76: Cut people that only contact you when they want
something out of your life. Immediately.

77: Free websites attract freebie hunters.

78: D.I.Y design attracts D.I.Y clients

79: Someone has to be thes most expensive trainer
in your town.. why not you?

80.You can’t create change by telling people
what they want to hear

81. You can’t help everybody… and you
shouldn’t even try.

82. If I can’t find you in google, I’ll take
my money elsewhere

83. Facebook is where people go to avoid
making decisions, Google is where people go
to make decision.

84: Discounts are the fastest way to devalue
what you do.

85: Your email list holds INCREDIBLE power.

86: You never ever, ever want to be known as
cheapest in town. EVER. in case you didn’t
get that 😉

87: If you want to stand out from the crowd.
Try being yourself.

88: People VERY rarely leave because they
can’t afford it. they’re just telling you

89: People leave because they’re bored and/or
they dont value what you offer as much as
they did.

90: Beauty Therapists are FULLY booked in my
town. Proof theres money everywhere.

91: Zumba has disappeared from my home town.
Because the only way to stand out was to
compete on price.

92: It doesn’t matter how good your nutrition
program is if no-one can follow it.

93: If you still do your own cleaning and
ironing. You don’t need to hire a trainer.

94: Outsourcing the thing you love (training)
should be the LAST thing that you do/

95: Trainers will break your heart.

96: If you wont invest in coaching, people
wont invest in you.

97: “Manning up” when you’re training is all
well and good, its manning up in business you
need to do.

98: Flyers and Leaflets DO work.. you’re just
doing them wrong.

99: The confused mind can’t make a decision.
Bare this in minda when you tell me how many
things you ‘specialise’ in.

100: Filling you ego and filling your bank
account are 2 completely different things.

101: Public speaking is INCREDIBLE for

102: Having the courage to be yourself 100%
of the time, will change your life.

103: The moment you accept personal
responsibilty for where your income is right
now, is the moment things will change

104: Worrying what people think of you will
cripple your chances of success.

105: If you’re fully booked for 12 hours a
day. Raise your prices.

106: If you’re attracting clients that are a
pain in the ass. Raise your prices.

107: If people shopped on price alone,
everyone would wear clothes from primark and
eat smart price meals.

108: I can steal most of your clients,
because I’m better at marketing than you. Get
better at it.

109: Marketing is the reason that poor
trainers can earn more than brilliant ones

110:Stop celebrating 7 day weeks and 14 hour
days likes it some kind of trophy. Its not..

111: Negativity is great. Use it as fuel to
light you fire.

112: There isn’t much to be gained by proving
someone wrong.

113: There is nothing that says ‘too much
time, not enough clients’ like arguing about
nutrition over the internet.

114: If you don’t understand ‘sales funnels’
you’ll struggle to reach your income

115: Unsubcribes are GOOD.

116: Telling your clients that the magic
pill, yet you’re looking for one for your
bizniz is backwards.

117: If you’re sitting around waiting for
clients to come to you, you’ll be waiting a
long time.

118: There’s always someone smarter than you.
Find them and learn from them

119: ‘Marketing calendars’ make it harder
than it needs to be.

120: If you cant put out DAILY content, you
don’t know who you’re talking to well enough.

121: After a breakdown, there’s always a

122: You can make A LOT of money in this
industry. Study marketing and you will.

123: People will copy you.. but they’re
ALWAYS cheaper.

124: Completely ingoring people that talk
shit about you and try to wind you up..
drives them INSANE.

125: Most fitpros have NOTHING they can sell
just a list of people who like to train with
THEM Invest in property.

126: If you don;t have a ‘get out’ plan, what
will you do when you’re 60?

127: Downtime is productive time.

128: Never trust a “Social Media Experts”
with worse ‘numbers’ than you.

129: Begging for likes and shares looks kinda

130: If likes meant money, we’d have some
very rich fitpros.

131: You can win ANY ‘argument’ with the
words ‘hows that working for you?’

131: ‘I already know that’ are the 4 most
dangerous words in the english language.

132: Most the people around you DONT want you
to succeed. Screw em and do it anyway.

133: Stop seeking permission and validation.
Get out of your own way.

134: ‘fear of success’ is bullshit.
Fear of looking stupid is more like it.

135: If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you probably
need to do it.

136: Learn to deal with criticism. Not everyone will like
you or what you have to say. Get over it.

137: If you “aren’t in it for the money” Why the FUCK are you charging people then?

138: If you want to lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd.

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