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The Art of Being Anti-Professional

October 31, 2013

Was talking to someone about my Podcast the
other day..

Dude was sayin that my ‘logo’ couldPMP1
potentially put people off and scare them

He didn’t really get it at the time

But thats EXACTLY what I want it to do,

Hence the tag line ‘No whiners or Sensitive Snowflakes’

see, if you’re ‘put- off’ by my logo… then you’ll HATE the show…

You’ll HATE these emails.

and you’d never, ever, ever, ever be a good
fit to work with me.

Basically, the logo is a ‘velvet rope’ around
me and my time..

To repel the sensitive snowflakes and the
dudes with the sense of humour of a hamster
who can’t get a hard on.
You know I LOVE this ‘Anti-Professional’ ting
right brew?

Basically it means that you don’t have to put
up with BS, or people taking the piss and
treating you like dirt.

Regardless of wether they’re paying you money
or not.

The reason I love it so much people
‘Eliminate’ themselves…

From you having to do business with them.

which lemme tell you amigo, is superb.

You get less energy vampires and drama queens
in your life

and more bad-asses and cool peeps.

It DOESN’T mean being ‘un-professional’

whatever that is.

It just means being natural.

see, the EASIEST way to stand out in this
fitness industry of ours…

Is to simply have the courage to be yourself.

Man, since i started doing this
‘anti-professional’ thing.

I don’t get whiners, or moaners, or
complainers or people that say ‘but’ a lot…

The fluffy squirrels who want someone to blow
smoke up their ass.

I attract the hungry lions, who will DO WHAT
IT TAKES to be successful.

And I love that shit.

Try it duude…

Charlotte Ord, of Biggest Loser fame told me
in the podcast that i put up yesterday

That ‘being herself’ rather than talking
exercise and diet 24/7 has changed her

if its good enough for a successful bad ass
like Charlotte…

Then its good enough for your ole uncle

You can check it out here:

Or Here if you don’t have iTunes:

Let the REAL you out my mate…

People will LOVE YOU…

and if they dont…

Fuck em.

Paul ‘Drama Queen’ Mort

Ps- nothing here today…

But cheers for taking a look babycakes 😉

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