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“Are you okay?”

July 22, 2016

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Man, I just tuned in to my emails after 3 days delivering the world class experience for modern business owners:

Unstoppable Bastards-Uncaged

Inbox is rammed with emails like “Are you okay?”

and “I didn’t get your email today, can you resend?”

Stressed me out a little, if we’re being honest

See, one of my very favourite things about email marketing is that you can automate it

While the mush cookies and one dimensional douchebags are ‘hustling’ and ‘grinding’ their way to money and a shit relationship with their wife and kids

You can plug in an email that goes out automatically…

‘cept… yesterday, seemingly

(I’ll make sure you get that one tomorrow BTW)

But man, its a reminder of just how powerful email is

I mean, imagine not posting on Flakebook and twitter for just ONE day….

and people asking where you were and if you’re okay

I mean, they do that if you put some kinda drama queen act on (I used to be guilty of that)

But man, people emailing you because of just one missed email

THAT, mon ami… is what we call “TOP OF MIND AWARENESS”

and if you can pull that off in your fitness bizniz, it puts you WAY ahead of your competitors

in fact, I’d go so far as to say your positioning is that of a LEADER

and who doesn’t want that?

The best part of being seen as a leader

Selling becomes EASY, SIMPLE and PAINLESS

Especially if you can make a sale with just ONE question

I call it the “15 minute question”

and I reveal all in this months MMIC hard copy newsletter

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Paul ‘catch up’ Mort

PS- Just a week out from my first ever fight now

More on that tomorrow

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