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And So, It Begins…

January 8, 2018

Today is the first ‘proper’ Monday of 2018

And as such?

It’s the day when MOST people will be starting their ‘New Year’s resolutions’…

Despite the fact that we’re already EIGHT days into the ‘new year’

To me?

That kinda defeats the point

But the real issue here, isn’t the fact that they’ve waited EIGHT days to make a start

The issue, at least in my eyes, is that they’ve already demonstrated their total LACK of commitment

You see, there’s NEVER a ‘right time’ to start something

Waiting for that ‘perfect moment’?

Only leads to procrastination

And procrastination is the enemy of success

If these people were REALLY serious about losing weight/eating healthy/going to the gym/etc

They would’ve made a start last week


They’ve already found an excuse to delay

Unfortunately, I often see the EXACT same behaviour from personal trainers

(Even SUCCESSFUL personal trainers)

They work long hours

They don’t see their families as much as they want to

But, despite being pissed off with the situation?

They can just about tolerate it

And so, they put up with it

Telling themselves that things will change ‘soon’

The problem?

They’re no different to the ‘New Year/New Me’ brigade

Maybe you’re the same?

(I know I’ve been guilty of this, in the past)

If so?


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I would have you consider that there’s NO such thing as a ‘perfect moment’

There are only ‘moments’

And NOW is as good a time as any to get started

So that’s what I recommend you do TODAY

If there’s something that you’ve been putting off?

Spend ten, fifteen, maybe even TWENTY minutes making a start

Because once you do?

That’s when things actually start to happen

And that’s when you find SUCCESS

Paul ‘Magic Moments’ Mort

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But it’s eating into your ‘family time’?

(And you’re p*ssed off with the situation)

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Unless of course, you’re happy to wait until 2019 to do something about it?

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