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An APOLOGY to nobody

November 18, 2016

Even if you don’t watch UFC or any other combat sports

you probably still saw this

I mean, its ALL over social media and the news

Conor Mcgregor became the first fighter to be champion at two weights, at the same time in UFC history

What a fighter… and a marketer

Everything he says gets made into a meme and gets his fans in a frenzy and those that aren’t his fans… well they hate him and they get into a frenzy too
(Tribe building 101, right there)

I mean at the end of the fight his schpeel about
“I’ve talked a lot of shit about people…
and I’d like to apologise.. to ABSOLUTELY NOBODY”
has everyone talking..



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cuz the thing that struck me most about this fight

was that he had a LEGIT bad-ass warrior in front of him

not a bum, not a wannabe but a CHAMPION…and Mcgregor made him look ordinary

Clearly because of his superior striking (not to mention his hammer of a left hand)

But my favourite part?


You’ve got a dangerous, dangerous dude in front on you how wants to take your head off

Thousands of people watching live

Millions of people watching on TV

AND you’ve talked A LOT about what you’re going to do and how good you are

FUCK.. thats a lot of pressure man

but this dude? CRAZY CALM

See, one of the measures of a man in todays world—->

is how calm they stay in chaos

* When shits going sideways

* when the kids are kicking off
* when the wife is losing her shit
* when your clients are leaving

* when your competitor or some random dude on flakebook is talking shit about you

* when you’re under pressure financially

* when you’re on a sales call or meeting

Shit, we’re tested a lot these days

and most men?

Well, they lose their shit.. they run away and hide behind their bullshit

pointing fingers at everyone else, mocking them

maybe heading on the booze, or the junk food

Sound familiar? ^^^

Me too, till I discovered another way

The UNSTOPPABLE WAY.. and my life has TRANSFORMED since

and you can live this way too


Paul ‘Notorious’ Mort

PS- I’m off to Lanzarote for a week tomorrow and WON’T be taking my phone, laptop or ipad

a week of TOTAL disconnection so I can REALLY connect with my family

So if i don’t reply right away, you know why

Still, you’ll want to move fast if you want to join us in UB:

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