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Am I an arrogant pr=ck?

December 23, 2017

Before you decide wether I AM an arrogant pr=ck or not…

have you ever felt kinda sorry for yourself?

like… a bit of a loser with no energy…

me too.

in fact, after my loss and the frantic pace of the last few weeks

I’ve basically moped around the house and had a bit of a pity party

So yesterday, I did an exercise that I’d reccomend YOU DO

Which is to measure BACKWARDS

to look back at where I STARTED this year

and list all of the wins I had this year, both large and small

Must say, it changed my state DRASTICALLY

and pulled my head out of my azz

I posted it on Flakebook too…

check it out:


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Paul ‘pr=ck?’ Mort

PS- What were some of your wins this year?

hit me up

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