Adventures with the snobs in the posh seats - The Paul Mort Podcast

Adventures with the snobs in the posh seats

September 26, 2015

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Wuz lucky enough to fly out here to Laguna
Beach bizniz class

Actually, there’s ZERO luck involved if I’m
honest, dood..

I’ve bust my big, spotty white ass to learn the
science of making money… so I CAN sit (and
lie flat, for that matter) in the posh seats

In extreme comfort, with no hassle and great
service (hidden lesson there ^^^)

Although it is super nice and something I NEVER thought I’d be able to do when I started out in this game…

But man, those snobs in their do give my 
hairy, tattood self some funny ass looks

Fuck em. 


whilst sitting in there it proved another point to me.

and its an important one for you.


See, I get fucking frustrated with PT’s and
fitpros telling me that they have to be
‘competitive with their price because of

A- where they live and
B- What their competition charges.

I call bullshit on both, bubbah

Now, if you’re an average PT.. offering
‘sessions’ and ‘classes’ and ‘bootcamps’

then yes, people WILL compare you on price.

So yes, you have to stay competitive

and yes, you will blend in with everyone else

But if you TRULY ‘get’ WHO it is you’re
trying to attract

WHERE they are (so you can market to them)

and WHAT their specific problem is

that YOU have the SPECIFIC solution to..

and of course

you can DEMONSTRATE all of the above

Consistently (why you think I do these emails daily yo?)


then its MUCH more likely that price goes out
of the fucking window

Because people don’t REALLY want sessions

or classes or a bootcamp

They want their PROBLEMS SOLVED

Just like British Airways solved my problems
of a hardcore 11 hour flight

Just like I show you how to do as soon as you
enrol in my inner circle

(yes I KNOW i keep banging on about it, but sooner
or later you’ll realise that trying to figure this
out on your own is crazy AND not necessary)

Here’s dat link yo:

Paul ‘posh?’ Mort

PS- Talking of higher end stuff

I’m just about ready to step back into the PRIVATE

This ones for PLAYERS only

The big hitters, the courageous fuckers who
know theres MORE for them…

Who are already doing ‘mid-four-figures’ a month
and want to ACCELERATE not just their business

but want to level up their whole lives, across the board.. stay tuned, if you’re one of them

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