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Adventures in gooroo m*sturbation

November 1, 2017

Come aboard shipmate, for ye is about to discover the path to untold groats and treasure..

Well, truth be told am gonna teach you some sh*t that might help you make more bacon..

But that pirate part sounds cool, huh?

In case you weren’t aware…I’m REALLY not a fan on quotes

*most* of them are nothing but pure m*sturbation for goorooz in an attempt to ‘motivate’ people..

They’re all pretty much the same too..

Not gonna roll them all off as

A- you’ll have heard them all

B- they’l have my vomiting on my keyboard

BUT there is one that I do actually like, not ALL of them make me nauseous

‘Tiz from the grandaddy Jim Rohn

it relates to A LOT of things.


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But am gonna apply it to your world, babycakes

“I wish Facebook ads were easier”

“Email marketing is hard, why can’t it be easy?”

“Man, with so much competition its getting so hard”

^^ ^^ ^^

Sound familiar??

Here’s something to remember droogie..if getting kick ass clients and making money wuz easy…

EVERY F*CKER would be doing it.

thing iz dawg.. they ain’t

You ready for this Q-Bomb?

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better” <— Baaaaaaam

Thats why so many ambitious PT’s have come on board with MMIC

Because THE fastest AND most effective way to get better

Is to seek out EXPERT help

From someone thats DONE it..

and is still doing it

“affluent” Uncle Morty <– makes me sound a d*ck that but seriously though, chopper..

In a world of bullsh*t, smoke and mirrors I’d like to think I’ve walked the talk and continue to do so

Anyhoo… dive in here if you want to learn from me:

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Paul ‘Sock in a Headlock’ Mort

PS- Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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